Rocket is the leading disrupter in the home loan industry. Based in Detroit, an up-and-coming tech hub, Rocket is known for its fast and secure online mortgages. Interns at the company praise the company’s “unbeatable” culture and “outstanding” diversity efforts.

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About the Program

Rocket Companies offers a year-round internship program for students and recent graduates. Interns are paired with an experienced team member and will learn valuable skills as they participate in major projects and work within the company’s processes. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with team leaders and build their professional network, as well as their confidence.

Rocket Companies is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for its associates, as well ...

About the Company

Rocket Companies was founded in 1985 by Dan Gilbert and was originally known as Rock Financial. In 1996, the company created its “Mortgage in a Box” feature and closed on $35 million worth of loans in just two weeks. Rocket Companies has grown to become the largest provider of FHA mortgages and now has nearly 20,000 team members in North America. The company’s current CEO is Jay Farmer, and its corporate headquarters is located in Detroit, Michigan.

Intern Reviews

  • “I really liked my time here at Rocket for various reasons such as work-life balance, culture, and the way you are given options to work around your schedule. I felt very welcomed and didn't feel like an intern in my time here, but rather felt like all the others as a full-time employee.”
  • “There were many opportunities to be involved and to interact with others. I worked a consistent 40 hours a week. The culture at Rocket is unbeatable. There is a general understanding of the weight and importance that team members bring to the table. It is never a question the goals and missions of Rocket with ISMs being such a large part of our day-to-day work.”
  • “The culture is very pervasive and strong. I connected with it quickly, and because of that, I enjoyed myself quite a bit. The environment where I worked was very fast-paced and pretty intense. I was expected to work close to 40 hours a week, but it was clear that I shouldn't go over that or do any work-related stuff off of the clock. There were opportunities to stay late for particular events or meetings, but always on the clock, and I was always able to flex time later in the week to even things out.”
  • “They made sure that we had time to explore the city, make friendships with fellow interns, and explore different departments and positions. They made sure that we all had a work/life balance, and they never wavered from that promise.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Allowed me to interview for several different positions to find the best role for what I was interested in. Interviews were very laid back and conversational.”
  • “Interviews usually go as follows: you talk to a recruiter, and they determine whether you should move forward in the process. They check for base knowledge of the family of companies, and then you get a leader interview. The leader interview is with the person who's leading the team that you'll be working with. The interviews are pretty straightforward, and they give you feedback, even if you don't get the position.”
  • “The woman who interviewed me made my experience easy and pleasant. She was extremely kind and patient, and I really felt like she was rooting for me to get the internship.”
  • “I had a very positive experience with interviews at Rocket. The recruiter I worked with was very dedicated and called me back, asking me to apply for another position when they picked someone else for a position I was applying for. The interviewers were all very polite and welcoming, and they asked good questions and structured the interview well.”