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FedEx College Connections Internship is a 10-week summer program. Interns work 40 hours a week and are paid competitive wages. Interns work directly with senior employees at FedEx on their projects. There are networking events, executive speaker series, service projects, and tours of major FedEx facilities. Program opportunities are available all over the United States. Positions include associate auditor intern, sustainability intern, environmental intern, and more. The program has “many opportunities for interns to connect throughout...

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How To Apply

Interns are hired through this standard selection process. To be considered for a summer internship position, interested students must submit an online application via the FedEx Careers website.

 To view all available intern positions, follow the steps below:

1. Go to FedEx Careers.

2. Ensure FedEx Services is the selected operating company.

3. In the Keyword search field, enter “intern” for internships.

4. Click on the job title of choice to review specifics.

5. Click “Apply” to submit an application.


Number Of Interns

101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

The FedEx College Connections program has a guiding principle to recruit from college campuses in close proximity to main FedEx Services geographies. The summer internship program is centrally coordinated across FedEx Services with a program goal of placing interns in areas that will have the most need for full-time positions in the future.

The internship is a 10-week paid assignment for students pursuing a college degree. Assignments are directly related to the intern's academic degr...

About the Company

FedEx offers shipping services, package tracking, design, and print services, as well as support for businesses small and large looking to make their shipping strategies more efficient and is one of the largest organizations in the industry. By prioritizing efficiency and simplicity at all levels, from shipping logistics to corporate structure, FedEx is able to get out 3.6 million packages each business day and help the globe move fast and stay connected.

Intern Reviews

  • “Everybody that I met within the company was fantastic and always willing to help. The hours weren't overbearing as you could make your own schedule for the most part.”
  • “FedEx offers a friendly and helpful culture that is very welcoming to new employees and interns. The hours were flexible, and their attitude towards work-life balance encourages a healthy balance between the two.”
  • "The quality of life was great with being hybrid. I worked 40 hours a week, which was nice having that full-time experience. The culture and environment were great—everyone was genuinely welcoming and nice!
  • "The quality of my internship was very good. The team and manager I was working under were super nice and helpful in any areas that I needed help. The culture and environment is one that I was very grateful for and one that made me feel excited to work and excited to be a part of the organization. I usually worked 40 hours a week, and my work-life balance was usually pretty fair in regards to the amount of work vs. life.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The entire hiring process is transparent and good. Standards were up to the mark, and interviewers were welcoming.”
  • “I only had one interview, and it was fairly easy. We just talked about why I wanted the job and why I thought I was a good fit for the company.”
  • “I got interviewed by two managers, and the hiring process for the internship was smooth without any hurdles. Managers helped in every kind of situation; they helped me in making the onboarding process smoother. And their interaction during the interview was amazing, it felt like I was … letting them know about my skills. I didn't feel [there was] much difficult about the interview as I had gone through the difficulties they mentioned in my past companies and how I tackled them.”
  • “The application on the company website was very straightforward. A few months later, a manager reached out, asking me to interview. After the first interview, a few days later, I was sent an offer letter.”