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The iconic Little Red Wagon company known as Radio Flyer launched over 100 years ago, and today features tricycles, scooters, and other ride-ons—including a kid-size model Tesla and an adult line of eBikes and eScooters. Past interns say that Radio Flyer provided a “hands-on internship experience with a collaborative, innovative, and inspiring team” doing “meaningful and valuable work” all the while having fun. In short: "Fun is part of the job.”

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3.00 - 3.49



6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

Radio Flyer interns are given a dynamic work environment that is designed to help students thrive in their career endeavors and support both professional and personal growth. Interns are hired across all departments, including Product Development (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Prototype Engineering, Industrial Design), Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Brand Communications, Sales, and IT. Interns are encouraged to bring fresh ideas a...

About the Company

Trusted and loved by families for over 100 years, Radio Flyer is the maker of the Original Little Red Wagon and the world’s leading producer of ride-ons, including wagons, tricycles, scooters, go-karts, Tesla children’s vehicles, and other award-winning products. Since 1917, the family-owned company has created icons of childhood, building a legacy of high-quality, timeless, and innovative toys that spark imagination. Radio Flyer has made and delivered over 1 billion wheels to families worldw...

Intern Reviews

  • “The company culture at Radio Flyer is absolutely exceptional. From even before the first day, it is clearly communicated and demonstrated that the company cares about you and is excited for you to be part of the team. Interns are expected to work 40 hours a week, and management is relatively flexible with work hours and individual situations. There is always lots of work to do (which I enjoy), and the occasional opportunity for overtime (if you want to use it) depending on the week and projects you're working on.”
  • “Almost every single person I have had a conversation with here are incredibly welcoming and kind. They genuinely want to get to know you and they are here to help all the interns with any questions or support they may need.”
  • “Amazing company culture, the people are incredible to work with. Positive environment that makes you want to go in each day. Standard hours required but they’re understanding if circumstances arise and will try to work with you as best as they can to accommodate. You get a lot of responsibility as an intern which can be challenging, but it helps you grow.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Overall pleasant experience! Interviewers try to make the process as painless as possible and will accommodate so that nobody’s time is wasted. They’re very selective, but the interviews are manageable.”
  • “There were no trick questions and it was easy to talk about what I do at my job back in my college town. They also didn't have an HR rep conduct the first phone screen so I actually got to talk to my now manager as my first contact with the company. This made the process easier.”
  • “I really enjoyed the interview process! Some of the questions asked were similar to past interviews, and some were totally unique. My interviewers were kind and receptive to my answers, and I was honored to be chosen for my position, especially after hearing how selective the interview process is.”
  • “We were told that there were 2,000+ applications, and they chose 20 of us for the summer, so it’s a very competitive interview process. I believe I had [one or two] phone interviews and then a video interview before my hiring.”