A U.S. holding company, Reynolds American's subsidiaries manufacture, market, and sell tobacco, smoke-free tobacco, and nicotine products. Based in Winston-Salem, NC, the company wins plaudits for their ESG performance and LGBTQ workplace equality. The company receives top marks from previous interns, who laud the "training and preparation for real-world sales positions," the "hidden gem of corporate America," and the "best company for young professionals."

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Apply online at https://www.reynoldsamerican.com/careers/career-opportunities 



Number Of Interns

51 to 100


Featured Rankings

Best Retail & Consumer Products Internships









3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

Internships at Reynolds American, Inc. can lead to a successful and rewarding career at a global organization. In fact, some of the company’s current vice presidents began their career journey as interns. Reynolds American takes great care to shape an internship experience that’s meaningful, challenging and memorable. Internships are professional experiences in which interns’ insights, contributions and energy are valued by the teams of which they’re a part. Interns are empowered to make a di...

About the Company

Reynolds American Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BAT Group and the U.S. parent company of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc., American Snuff Company, LLC, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, and Modoral Brands Inc. Reynolds American Inc. is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, and its president and CEO is Guy Meldrum. To learn more about Reynolds American Inc. and its operating companies, please visit 

Intern Reviews

  • “This was the best environment to work in. The culture and people who worked there were so welcoming and helpful. If needed, my hours could be flexible and my work/life balance was great. I had work I needed to get done, but it was not overwhelming.”
  • “The work I had was challenging, but not to the point of being too difficult. Everyone was kind, helpful, and willing to answer questions when I had them. I was required to work 37.5 hours per week, and work/life balance was a priority for most people. I was never expected to work outside normal business hours.”
  • “Amazing culture at Reynolds American. Coworkers were eager to help me whenever I needed and gave me time to explain bold ideas. They constantly pushed me to be my best and give me the confidence I needed. Hours were flexible with my manager understanding if something came up outside work hours. I had the ability to work virtually Thursday or Fridays if needed.”
  • “Everyone we shadowed made sure we had ample time to drive to the site and home after our days in the field. Everyone was very helpful and wanting to give advice on my project as well as in my professional life.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The application process was relatively easy. I went through two virtual interviews, the first to get a feel of me and my experience, the second being more specific into my experience and how I would handle certain situations in the workplace.”
  • “Interviews were prompt. Concluded all interviews and received an offer letter within two weeks.”
  • “Every time I interviewed, I felt extremely comfortable, so it was easy to really have a conversation.”
  • “I felt the employment interview process was thorough and well-defined. It had logical screening procedures to ensure that this is something you as an individual are able to pursue as far as age, background, experience, etc. were concerned. While it seemed extensive, it didn’t feel unnecessary or like busywork. Lots of boxes to check given the amount of travel and communication involved with the internship, so it made sense the level of involvement. Also ended up enjoying the interview and stayed in touch with the interviewers who were impressed by the professionalism and experience I had to offer the organization!”