Founded in 1992 and headquartered in San Jose, California, NetApp specializes in helping customers get the most out of their data with industry-leading cloud data services, storage systems, and software. Past interns say “NetApp interns are given the opportunity to make a real impact” learning to “research, understand, and develop customized and informative ROI models.” One recalls: “My world changed with data.”

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Interested students should apply to any of the internship positions available on the NetApp Careers Site. https://jobs.netapp.com/NTAPEIC/go/Early-in-Career-Americas/8802800/?locale=en_US&previewCategory=true&referrerSave=false 



Number Of Interns

101 or more


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6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

NetApp invests heavily in new talent. Interns will have all the resources, mentoring and feedback they need to grow, among a team that celebrates individuality and welcomes different perspectives. NetApp has interns in almost every major business function across several countries around the world.

Throughout the program, the Early in Career team sponsors a variety of teambuilding and networking opportunities for interns. Activities include scavenger hunts, lunch and learns, book clubs...

About the Company

NetApp, Inc. was founded in 1992 by David Hitz, James Lau, and Michael Malcolm. Originally known as Network Appliance, Inc., the company experienced rapid growth between the mid-1990s and early 2000s during the “dot-com bubble.” Despite a decline in revenue in 2002 when the stock market bubble burst, NetApp was able to make a number of key acquisitions, and sold its NetCache product line in 2006, which helped the company achieve a steady annual increase in revenue into the present. NetApp has...

Intern Reviews

  • “The culture and work environment of my team is wonderful, and I enjoy seeing how everyone treats each other and work with each other so well”
  • “NetApp has a fantastic culture; everybody took me in with open arms and showed me the ropes. I worked remotely from 8-5, but given that I completed necessary work, I was able to take time for myself briefly during the day. They value your work/life balance more than any other business that I know of.”
  • “NetApp has a work good work culture. Everyone is supportive and want you to grow. I could maintain a very good work/life balance while I was working at NetApp. Truly enjoyed my time there.”
  • “When I need to adjust my schedule, they give me the freedom and flexibility to do so. When I was sick, they offered me options to work from home or take a sick day. I have no complaints at how I've been treated and the communication I've had regarding these items. I feel that I have a great work/life balance with this company.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I had [a] great experience. I was asked technical and behavioral questions. I had total four rounds of interview, including [a] phone screen with HR, then two technical rounds and one behavioral round interviews.”
  • “I think the company does a very thorough job vetting out new employees by having multiple interviews and asking great open-ended questions to get the interviewee talking and having truly engaging conversations with each candidate.”
  • “The interview process for me was great. Besides my recruiter, I had one other interview with my current manager, and it went very well!”
  • “The recruiter was very kind and encouraging. They genuinely wanted to help me find a good fit. The interviewers asked good questions and wanted to get to know me and my previous experience.”