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Northwestern Mutual is a Fortune 500 financial services company based in Milwaukee, WI. The company offers interns experience running their own financial-advising practice with trainers and mentors to guide them. Past interns say they got “real-life financial planning experience" with an “opportunity for personal and professional development” in a setting that taught them "more about the real world than a classroom could ever teach.”

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Number Of Interns

101 or more









3.00 - 3.49



6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

An internship at Northwestern Mutual gives you valuable, real-world work experience to prepare you for a career at Northwestern Mutual or elsewhere while building on your classroom learning. You have the flexibility to pursue your studies while actually working, and you will be recognized and rewarded for your hard work both financially and through development opportunities. While you are able to run your own financial-advising practice as an intern, you won’t be alone. Training, mentors, and...

About the Company

Founded in 1857, Northwestern Mutual was originally known as the Mutual Life Insurance Company of the State of Wisconsin, and its corporate headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Northwestern Mutual offers an array of products and services, including life insurance, disability insurance, wealth management, and investment and retirement strategies. The company offers careers in its corporate offices, as well as opportunities for individuals looking to start careers as independent bus...

Intern Reviews

  • “The work itself is challenging, but the company and office culture is outstanding, and you can work when you want to since you control your calendar.”
  • “There is a great culture in my office that embraces a work hard/play hard mentality. I was consistently working 40 hours a week while doing school because I wanted to produce at a certain level. Work/life balance is hard to manage when you are your own boss, but I managed to find one that worked for me.”
  • “Great work environment! Everyone is very friendly.”
  • “The internship is very self-motivated. Hours are not strict, which is a double-edged sword. Those who decide to work hard succeed, period. The hours are a decision, not a requirement. The culture is second-to-none. Training and recognition opportunities are greater than I have seen anywhere else.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “There were 3 rounds of interviews. First is just a basic get to know you and brief introduction to the internship. Second is an opportunity to ask questions about the internship, company, expectations, etc. Third is a small presentation meeting about why you think you would be a good fit for the internship, then in the same meeting an offer or pass is usually given.”
  • “The interview process may be a bit longer than normal, but it’s a good process to see if Northwestern Mutual is right for you and to see if you are right for Northwestern Mutual.”
  • “The interview process was smooth and I felt very comfortable going through it.”
  • “They have to be in-depth because the internship requires the right kind of person. Otherwise, the intern won't be very successful, which only hurts them. The interviewers are great people and they truly care about the intern’s success.”