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A bookseller turned global supercorporation, Amazon accounts for approximately half of the United States' e-commerce spending. Software is where Amazon really innovates, however, from AWS to the Kindle to Alexa. Amazon seeks the best of the best in its internship candidates, so this is a workplace for those who work hard and don't settle for less than excellence.

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At Amazon, interns are valuable contributors on projects that directly impact the experience for customers. Interns who join Amazon become part of an innovative and fast-paced workplace; there is ample opportunity for them to work on complex and challenging problems that can impact millions of Amazon customers. The internship program is a great way to explore working at Amazon and gain hands-on experience across different disciplines.

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About the Company

What began as Earth's biggest bookstore has become Earth's biggest everything store. Expansion has propelled in innumerable directions. While the website still offers millions of books, movies, games, and music, selling other items—such as electronics, apparel and accessories, auto parts, home furnishings, health and beauty aids, toys, and groceries—contributes to more than two-thirds of sales. Shoppers can also download ebooks, games, MP3s, and films to their computers or handheld...

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