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The Arena Investors, LP (“Arena”) internship program serves as a well-established pathway to secure full-time employment with the firm. This internship provides participants with invaluable hands-on experience and access to a valuable mentorship program, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition seamlessly into full-time roles within the organization.

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About the Program

Arena offers its summer internship program for college students who are currently enrolled and studying for a career in finance. Those who participate will work alongside industry professionals as they gain hands-on experience working on exciting and innovative projects. Arena values its interns and treats them as if they are full-time employees, and the company is well-known for hiring just as many interns as full-time employees since being founded in 2015.

Interns will gain exposure...

About the Company

Arena is an institutional asset manager founded by Daniel B. Zwirn in partnership with the Westaim Corporation, a Canada-based investment firm. With approximately $3.5 billion of invested and committed assets under management as of October 1, 2023, and a team of over 100 employees in offices globally, Arena provides solutions for those seeking capital in special situations. Since the company’s inception, it has developed a wide network of partners from a variety of industries and prides itsel...

Intern Reviews

  • “Good culture, everyone was very friendly, smart, and hardworking. Worked around 40 hours a week, encouraged to work more than 40, but nothing unreasonable. Work/life balance was good, I was still able to enjoy my summer and wasn't limited by my work.”
  • “The firm has a healthy relationship with work-life balance. The smaller nature of individual teams allows for healthy communication between members through collaboration. There is not a culture of "face time" at Arena, rather, motivated people are encouraged to complete their work and enjoy life outside of the office as workstream demands ebb and flow.”
  • “I really like working here. All of my seniors are extremely nice to me, and they try to teach me as much as possible. They take time out of their days to make sure that I am getting everything and make me feel comfortable asking questions.”
  • “Very good work-life balance. My team members treated me just as an analyst, and I got a lot of exposure. People in the office are also very family-oriented and understanding.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I had two interviews, and then I got the job with Arena. I was definitely stressed before the interviews, but the two employees who interviewed me made me feel right at home within a minute of our conversation beginning.”
  • “I had three interviews with HR, Operations, and a senior member of the staff. They were interesting, as they did an excellent job explaining the company while asking me challenging questions to gather information on me.”