The American Heart Association offers an internship opportunity for those who want to get involved in a prestigious healthcare nonprofit. Whether your skills lie in community outreach or programming or somewhere else, the association has a spot for you.

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3 to 6 months

About the Program

The American Heart Association internship program allows students the unique opportunity to work with one of the country’s foremost nonprofits. As the field of healthcare grows more and more complex, health-focused nonprofits take on an even more involved role within the industry. The American Heart Association gives its interns the chance to get hands-on with their local communities with the goal of improving heart health and educating folks on ways they can live longer, healthier lives.


About the Company

The American Heart Association is a nonprofit organization committed to fighting heart disease and stroke, two of the leading causes of death worldwide. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the association works to promote cardiovascular health, advance medical research, and educate communities about heart health.

The American Heart Association pursues various initiatives, including public health campaigns, advocacy efforts, and scientific research funding. The organization collaborates wi...

Intern Reviews

  • “This internship was fantastic. There is endless support and opportunities for professional growth.”
  • “Part-time internship of about 20 hours per week. Workload is dependent on the team and date, but my team is very relaxed and flexible. Very kind people all over the organization; so many people have been willing to have coffee chats and connect with me.”
  • “The team I am on sees quality of life as a very important factor to working diligently. They really do care about people rather than just seeing employees as robots just getting work done. All of that said, they still work very hard and enjoy what they do.”
  • “My internship was amazing! My hours were flexible. Each task that I was assigned was manageable. Everyone made me feel so welcome and at home. The spirit of collaboration and balance was strong at AHA.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interviewers made me feel comfortable right away. The interview was not difficult.”
  • “My interview was great! I was posed questions not only related to the duties but also those related to my personal and professional interests, which let me know that my experience was just as important as the desired output.”
  • “The recruiter was incredibly welcoming and kind during the process, as well as the executive director I interviewed with.”
  • “All interviewers were friendly and quick to respond. I went through a phone screening and then proceeded to meet with my manager and team members. Later in the week, I received a call with the exciting news I received it!”