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Software company Calix offers an in-depth internship experience for students looking to take a deep dive into the SaaS world. Interns can expect to work with cutting-edge programs and experts in their fields, all while getting the kind of resume-boosting experience one can only get from being deeply immersed in an organization.

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Students can apply at by submitting an updated resume and cover letter.


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About the Program

Calix offers an internship program for graduate and undergraduate students. Depending on the  pathway, students will participate in either a 10-week or 90-day program, where they will gain hands-on  experience while working alongside experienced professionals. The program begins at the end of the  spring semester and concludes just prior to the following fall semester. 

The program favors candidates who can learn quickly and adapt to fast-paced environments, as well as  those who are ...

About the Company

Calix provides software platforms, as well as cloud and system services for individual homes and  businesses. Since its founding in 1999, the company has grown organically and through strategic  acquisitions, including Optical Solutions and Occam Networks, Inc. during the mid-to-late 2000s and  Ericsson in 2012. Calix has been recognized for its excellence in a variety of areas, including being named  on Forbes’ 2022 list of Best Mid-Size Companies. The company’s current CEO is Michael Weenin...

Intern Reviews

  • “The quality of life of the internship is good, and the eight-hour workday allows me plenty of time to accomplish what I have planned in my life. The overall atmosphere of the company is friendly.”
  •  “This company has celebrated each individual, showing true support for and encouragement in maintaining holistic wellness at the individual level. They encourage you to take breaks, go outside for a walk (working remote), and overall making sure we are healthy and able to maintain a work life balance.”
  • “The workplace is extremely flexible with timing and gives me room to pursue passions outside of work given that the job gets done. People work in any time zone and the company is very aware of this and schedules meetings accordingly.”
  • “The company has a really helpful and kind culture despite being entirely remote. People are always responsive and willing to chat. There is a great culture of teamwork as everyone collaborates to find the best solutions. My manager has been extremely helpful, and I have learned a lot in my time at Calix.” 

Getting Hired Here

  •  “The interview atmosphere was relaxed, and the interviewers were kind.” 
  • “During the internship recruitment process, the technical interviewer asked me detailed  questions about my professional knowledge and followed up with a supervisory interview where  I was asked about the contents of my resume and my intention to do an internship. The overall  difficulty level was moderate.”
  • “I was interviewed by two people at the company, both of which I work closely with. It was an  equally balanced interview between how I can add to the team and what I want out of an  internship.” 
  • “I think that the Calix culture is so strong because of the effort they put into assuring the people  they hire are in simplest terms, good people. The interview process at Calix is multi-stepped to  ensure the quality of members.”