Adaptive Physical Education Specialists


Employment Prospects


Many adaptive physical education specialists are employed as teachers in public school systems. They may also work in early childhood education centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or hospitals. The Department of Labor does not have data specifically for adaptive physical education specialists, but it includes them among more than 295,570 special education teachers employed in the United States as of May 2018. The industries that employ the highest number of special education teachers are elementary and secondary schools, individual and family services, educational support services, and federal and state government agencies.

Starting Out

Student teaching while in college provides a good introduction to the field. Some adaptive physical education specialists who do well in their student teaching program may be hired by the school system. Students and recent graduates have access to job listings and employment assistance through the career services office of their school. They also get their start by finding jobs through professional associations and employment agencies. The field is small yet competitive, so those with an advanced degree and certification have good prospects of finding work.

Advancement Prospects

Adaptive physical education specialists advance by becoming managers of other specialists. They may enhance their skills and knowledge through certification and/or by pursuing a master's degree in physical education, with specialization in adapted physical education. Those who work in public schools may advance by becoming principal of the school. They may also set up their own business, managing clients and staff members.

Tips for Entry

Get an internship or part-time job in an educational organization, assisted living facility, or other organization that works with people with disabilities or impairments.

Visit the Web sites of professional organizations such as Adapted Physical Education National Standards,, and SHAPE America,, for teaching ideas and news.

Find career advice, job listings, and other resources on the National Association of Special Education Teachers' Web site,

Improve your skills, knowledge, and chances of finding work by getting certified. Find information on certification at