Agribusiness Technicians


Employment Prospects


Many different agriculture-based businesses hire graduates of agribusiness programs. Employers include large commercial farms, grain elevators, credit unions, farm equipment dealerships, farm supply stores, fertilizer and processing plants, agricultural chemical companies, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Starting Out

Your agribusiness program will likely require a semester or more of employment experience and will assist you in finding an internship or part-time job with agribusiness professionals. Many students are able to turn their internships into full-time work or make connections that lead to other job opportunities. Most agribusiness technician jobs are considered entry-level, or management trainee, positions and don't require a great deal of previous experience. These jobs are often advertised in the classifieds or posted with career services centers at community colleges.

Advancement Prospects

The ultimate aim of many technicians is to own a business. Technicians can start their own companies in any agricultural business area or act as freelance agents under contract to perform specific services for several firms. For example, an experienced agribusiness technician may purchase computer and data-processing software, set up the necessary record-keeping programs, and act as a consulting firm for a host of farms and agricultural businesses.

There are many other positions an agribusiness technician may hold. Farm managers oversee all operations of a farm and work closely with owners and other management, customers, and all farm departments on larger farms. Regional farm credit managers supervise several of a bank's farm representatives. They may suggest training programs for farm representatives, recommend changes in lending procedures, and conduct personal audits of randomly selected farm accounts. Sales managers act as liaisons between company sales representatives and individual dealers, distributors, or farmers.

Tips for Entry

Talk with agribusiness technicians about their jobs. Ask them for advice on breaking into the field.

Visit to learn about the surprising number of careers you can pursue with a degree in agribusiness.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:,, and Be sure to join agribusiness-related groups on LinkedIn.