Airport Service Workers


Employment Prospects


Airport service workers are employed at the approximately 523 major commercial services airports in the United States. Some work directly for airlines, while others work for private contractors. Additionally, almost all of these positions can be found outside of airports. For example, skycaps are also employed in bus terminals, train stations, cruise ships, and just about any place of travel. Skycaps known as baggage porters and bellhops assist guests at hotels and motels. Food service workers are employed by hotels, bars, restaurants, and schools. Janitors and cleaners work in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, factories, schools, malls, stadiums, and in countless other settings. Grounds workers are employed at golf and country clubs, public parks and recreation areas, apartment complexes, cemeteries, condominiums, estates, schools and universities, shopping centers and malls, theme parks, zoos, commercial and industrial parks, hospitals, and military installations. Information specialists can also be employed at rail and bus stations, amusement parks, shopping malls, trade shows, concert halls, and sports stadiums.

Starting Out

Airport service careers represent an excellent way to break into the aviation industry at the ground level. Contact your local airport authority for a list of concession contractors to which you can apply for employment directly.

Advancement Prospects

With hard work, dedication, and additional education or training, airport service workers can advance to a variety of managerial and supervisory positions. For example, food service workers can become chefs or food service managers. Experienced janitors and cleaners may be asked to supervise large groups of workers. Those with experience, contacts, references, and an interest in entrepreneurship could start their own businesses.

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:

  • https://www.restaurant.org/Restaurant-Careers>
  • https://www.careerbuilder.com
  • https://www.indeed.com
  • https://www.simplyhired.com
  • https://www.monster.com

Join unions to increase your chances of landing a job and receiving fair pay for your work.

Become certified in order to show employers that you have met the highest standards established by your industry.

Conduct information interviews with airport service workers and ask them for advice on preparing for and entering the field.