Anesthesiologist Assistants


Employment Prospects


There are approximately 118,800 physician assistants, including anesthesiologist assistants, employed in the United States, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many work in hospitals and health centers that provide surgical services and trauma procedures. Some work in individual or group health care practices.

Anesthesiologist assistants also work all over the world. There is great demand for all types of medical professionals in developing countries. The rewards of this experience often outweigh the challenges of poor conditions, supplies, and equipment and minimal pay.

Starting Out

Anesthesiologist assistants typically have six years of education prior to entering the field. Some employers prefer to hire assistants who have certification in anesthesiology assisting. Many start their careers by working in the hospitals where they completed their clinical rotations during their undergraduate or graduate school training. They may also get their start by working for individual or group medical practices.

Advancement Prospects

Anesthesiologist assistants advance their knowledge and skills by taking continuing education courses and achieving certification. Those who work at an individual practice may expand their client base by seeking work in a large group practice. With years of experience on the job, anesthesiologist assistants may wish to pursue further education to full anesthesiologists. Other ways to grow in the field include participating in professional associations, contributing articles to professional journals on the anesthesiology assistant field, and seeking education in other anesthesiology specialties.

Tips for Entry

Learn more about the anesthesiology assistant field by visiting the Web site of the American Academy of Anesthesiology Assistants,

Keep up with scientific discoveries and news in the anesthesiology field by reading articles from the journal Anesthesiology,

Schedule information interviews with anesthesiologist assistants to ask them for advice on how to enter the field.