Biofuels/Biodiesel Technology and Product Development Managers


Employment Prospects


Biofuels/biodiesel technology and product development managers are employed throughout the United States. Some parts of the country have more opportunities than others, however, such as in the Midwest, where many ethanol biorefineries are located. Top states for ethanol production include Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, and Indiana. According to the Department of Labor, the top five metropolitan areas that offer the most employment opportunities for architectural and engineering managers are Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and New York.

Starting Out

Many technology and product development managers start their careers through internships and part-time jobs in companies that research and develop biofuels or biodiesel products. They find job openings through professional associations, postings on companies' Web sites, and through their school's career services office. They also search job openings on employment Web sites such as,,, among others. Jobs in clean energy can also be found on the U.S. Department of Energy's Web site,

Advancement Prospects

Advancement for biofuels/biodiesel technology and product development managers may be in the form of taking on more complex projects and managing larger numbers of teams. Managers within a certain region may be promoted to more senior-level management roles, in which they manage projects and teams in different regions. Those with a bachelor's or master's degree may pursue the next degree up. Certification as product development manager is another way to advance in the field. Some may move on from full-time employment to start their own consulting companies. Teaching, writing, and speaking at industry-related conferences and events are other ways that experienced managers share their knowledge and expand in their careers.

Tips for Entry

Learn more about biofuels and biodiesel by reading publications like Biofuels Digest ( and the open-access journal Biofuel Research Journal (

Search for biofuels/biodiesel technology and product development job listings at these Web sites:


Learn more about biotech-related careers by visiting the Bio-Link Web site,

Meet others in the field and make valuable connections by attending the annual National Ethanol Conference, hosted by the Renewable Fuels Association, as well as other industry events.