Biofuels Production Managers


Employment Prospects


Biofuels production managers work in production facilities located throughout the United States. Some regions offer more opportunities than others, such as in the Midwest, where many ethanol production plants are based. Biofuels production managers may work for manufacturers of fabricated metal products, transportation equipment, and computer and electronic products.

Starting Out

Many biofuels production managers start their careers through internships and part-time jobs in biofuels and related companies. They find job listings through their school's career services office, the Web sites of biofuels companies, and online employment sites. Professional associations also offer helpful career-support resources, including job listings and volunteer and networking opportunies. The U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Energy also offers information on how to prepare for a career in clean energy,

Advancement Prospects

Biofuels production managers with years of experience and track records that show successful management of production facilities advance to upper management roles such as regional manager, where they oversee more plants and more staff. Some production managers may move on by starting their own companies and working as consultants. They also advance by continuing their education. They may go back to school for a master's or graduate degree. They may also get certification in production management, business management, or quality control.

Tips for Entry

Publications such as Ethanol Producer Magazine ( and Biofuels Digest ( help biofuel production managers keep up with industry news and developments.

Search for biofuels production job listings by visiting the following Web sites:


Find information about educational programs and careers in biotechnology by visiting

Meet people working in the field learn more about the industry by attending events such as the Renewable Fuels Association’s annual National Ethanol Conference.