Career and Employment Technicians


Exploring this Job

Summer work in an employment agency is a good way to explore the field of employment technician. Interviewing the director of a public or private agency might give you a better understanding of what the work involves and the qualifications such an organization requires of its technicians.

A summer or part-time job in your school's career services office or the dean's office offers the opportunity to gain valuable administrative and technology skills. You may also consider working part time or as a volunteer in a library. Such work can provide you with some of the basic skills for learning about information resources, cataloging, and filing. In addition, assisting schools or clubs with any media presentations, such as video or slide shows, will help familiarize you with the types of technology that career and employment technicians use.

The Job

The principal duty of career guidance technicians is to help order, catalog, and file materials relating to job opportunities, careers, technical schools, scholarships, careers in the armed forces, and other programs. Guidance technicians also help students and teachers find materials relating to a student's interests and aptitudes. These various materials may be in the form of books, pamphlets, magazine articles, videos, computer software, or other media.

Often, career guidance technicians help students take and score self-administered tests that determine their aptitude and interest in different careers or job-related activities. If the career guidance center has audiovisual equipment, such as DVDs or film or slide projectors, career guidance technicians are usually responsible for the equipment.

Career and employment technicians must be well versed in using the Internet and other digital tools to help students and other clients with employment testing, job banks, job search, job matching, employment networking sites such as LinkedIn, resume writing and sharing, case management reports, counseling and maintaining the confidentiality of customer data.