Career and Employment Technicians


Employment Prospects


There are about 397,340 office clerks, a job that relates closely to career and employment technicians, employed in employment services, secondary schools, colleges, universities, and professional schools in the United States. Career and employment technicians work in career services offices of high schools, colleges, and universities. They are also employed by state, federal, and other bureaus of employment, and by social service agencies.

Starting Out

School career services offices are a good source of information about career and employment technician jobs. Career guidance technicians should receive some form of career placement from schools offering training in that area. Various Web sites in the field of counseling may list job openings for technicians or jobs with similar roles. One of the best methods, however, is to contact libraries and education centers directly to inquire about their needs for assistance in developing or staffing their career guidance centers.

Advancement Prospects

Career and employment technicians with several years of experience may become supervisors or department managers. If they work in a small school, they may advance by taking a technician job with greater responsibilities in a larger school. They may also advance in their careers by pursuing higher education and becoming career and employment counselors.

Tips for Entry

An informational interview with a career and employment technician is an excellent way to learn more about the education, experience, and other qualifications were necessary to get the job.

Get a summer or part-time job in your school's career services office or the library to hone your research, technical, and customer-service skills.

Search the Web sites of schools and universities to look for career and employment technician job postings and learn more about job descriptions and requirements.