Chief Revenue Officers


Employment Prospects


Chief revenue officers work in various industries, helping companies to maintain and improve their revenue streams. They are employed by companies in various industries, such as financial services, advertising, computers, information technology, among others. There are nearly 2.8 million chief executives, including chief revenue officers, employed in the United States.

Starting Out

The chief revenue officer is a senior-level role achieved after years of working in leadership roles. Many get their start through an internship in a finance organization while in college. Ask your school's career services office for help with finding an internship program in a company that interests you. Another way to get started is by searching for employment opportunities for associate and junior finance managers and related job titles on sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and SimplyHired. Professional associations also offer resources for students and professionals to help them in their careers. For example, the Financial Management Association has a placement section that features a job board and resume bank. Find information at

Advancement Prospects

Chief revenue officers are top executives with years of business experience. In large corporations and Fortune 500 companies, they may advance to become chief executive officers. Some may advance by furthering their education, such as through certification or by seeking an advanced degree. If they work for a small company, they may take a position in a larger company with higher revenue streams. Others advance by sharing their knowledge through teaching in business schools and becoming more involved in professional associations for finance executives.

Tips for Entry

Get a part-time or summer job in an accounting department or a financial organization to learn more about finance and revenue management.

Become a member of Junior Achievement to gain access to programs on financial and business literacy. Find information at

Learn more about the types of companies where chief revenue officers work, and their backgrounds, by conducting a search on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, using "chief revenue officer" as the search word.