Chief Robotics Officer


Employment Prospects


Chief robotics officers are employed by large manufacturers that seek to bring robotics and automation to their production floors or improve existing robotics systems. They also work for other companies or organizations that use robotics and other automation technologies. Some CROs with considerable experience launch their own consulting firms.

Starting Out

The majority of chief robotics officers first worked in lower-level robotics positions such as robotics integrator or in executive-level positions such as chief technology officer (CTO) or chief intelligence officer (CIO). Once they have gained at least several years of experience in one of these positions, they are eligible for CRO positions. At companies that are rapidly expanding their use of robotics, they may be the first person to have this job title.

Experienced CROs can learn about job openings by networking, using the services of a recruiter, attending career fairs, and applying directly to companies and other organizations that hire these workers.

Advancement Prospects

The career of chief robotics officer is less than 10 years old, so advancement paths are not as defined as they are for more established careers. A CRO can advance by receiving pay raises and performance bonuses, as well as by finding a job at a more prestigious employer. At some companies, the positions of CTO and CIO are considered higher-level on the career ladder than CROs, so these occupations would be advancement options at these employers. Some chief robotics officers are promoted to top executive careers (chief operating officer, chief executive officer, etc.). Additionally, a CRO can also choose to open a consulting firm or work as a college professor.

Tips for Entry

Check out a beginner’s guide to robotics at the Association for Advancing Automation’s Web site, https://www.automate.org/robotics/beginners-guide.

Read the Robotics Business Review (https://www.roboticsbusinessreview.com) to learn more about the field.

Obtain experience as a robotics integrator and/or as a chief technology officer to build your skills and experience in order to improve your chances of landing a job as a chief robotics officer.