Client Services Managers


Employment Prospects


Client services managers work in nearly every industry. They are employed by telephone call centers, credit and insurance agencies, banks, retail stores, fulfillment centers, and many other client- and customer-oriented businesses. Since it is a common job, prospects for getting a foot in the door are good. Jobs are located throughout the country and world. A greater number of opportunities will be found in cities where large numbers of businesses are located.

Starting Out

Individuals without much experience may find it easier to start out at smaller companies or in entry-level customer service jobs at large companies. As they gain experience, they will move into higher-level positions. 

College students who would like to enter the field can search for job opportunities in customer service via online job sites, through their career services office, and through networking contacts made through their school, professional associations, and internships. 

Advancement Prospects

Client services managers may take one of a number of different paths to career advancement. Some move into similar positions at larger or more prestigious companies. This results in increased responsibilities and earnings. Others gain experience and become client services directors or even general operations manager of a business. Most advancement prospects depend on the drive and determination of the individual, his or her career aspirations, and their ability to keep pace with changes in technology and business practices. 

Tips for Entry

If you are fluent in a second language, be sure to list it on your resume. It will give you an edge over other applicants with similar credentials.

Get hands-on-experience interacting with customers in a summer or part-time job at a customer service desk in a shopping center, mall, or business.

Search for jobs online. Go to some of the more common job search sites such as,, and Search for "client services manager" along with the industry in which you are interested in working and check out the job openings in your area.