Community Health Program Coordinators


Employment Prospects


Community health program coordinators are employed by community-based organizations (including religious and civic groups, as well as community health centers), but an increasing number of hospitals and health care systems are hiring community health professionals because studies have shown that their work reduces health care costs and improves community health. Some are employed by government agencies.

Starting Out

Applicants with degrees in public health or social work often enter the field after obtaining lower-level leadership experience with a nonprofit or community-based organization. In smaller organizations, a community health worker or educator might be promoted to the position of manager.

Information on job opportunities can be obtained by attending career fairs, participating in online and in-person networking activities, using LinkedIn and other professional networking Web sites, utilizing the resources of one’s college career center, or by visiting the Web sites of organizations that employ community health professionals.

Advancement Prospects

Community health program coordinators can advance to lead larger programs or organizations. Some become public health consultants, while others with advanced degrees can become college professors.

Tips for Entry

Participate in information interviews with managers at different types of community health employers to determine which employment setting is the best fit for your interests and skill set.

Visit,,, and for job listings.

Use the resources provided at LinkedIn to attract the interest of potential employers. Create a profile, join community health networking groups, and review job listings for managerial positions.