Computer and Office Machine Service Technicians


Employment Prospects


Approximately 114,500 computer and office machine service technicians, including those who work on automated teller machines, are employed in the United States. Potential employers include computer companies and large corporations that need a staff devoted to repairing and maintaining their equipment; electronics, appliance, and office supply stores; electronic and precision equipment repair shops; computer systems design firms; government agencies; and Internet service providers. Many service technicians are employed by companies that contract their services to other businesses. Though work opportunities for service technicians are available nationwide, many jobs are located in large cities where computer companies and larger corporations are based. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that states with the highest employment levels for computer and office machine service technicians are California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Starting Out

If your school offers placement services, take advantage of them. Many times, school placements and counseling centers are privy to job openings that are filled before being advertised. Make sure your counselors know of any important preferences, such as location, specialization, and other requirements, so they can best match you to an employer. Do not forget to supply them with an updated resume.

There are also other avenues to take when searching for a job in this industry, such as through networking and searching industry-related publications. Search for jobs under "computer repair jobs" or "electronics repair jobs." Also, inquire directly with the personnel department of companies that appeal to you and fill out an application. Trade association Web sites are good sources of job leads; many post employment opportunities as well as allow you to post your resume.

Advancement Prospects

Due to the growth of computer products and their major role in the business world, this industry offers a variety of advancement opportunities. Service technicians usually start by working on relatively simple maintenance and repair tasks. Over time, they start working on more complicated projects.

Experienced service technicians may advance to positions of increased responsibility, such as a crew supervisor or a departmental manager. Another advancement route is to become a sales representative for a computer manufacturing company. Technicians develop hands-on knowledge of particular machines and are thus often in the best position to advise potential buyers about important purchasing decisions. Some entrepreneurial-minded servicers might open their own repair business, which can be risky but can also provide many rewards. Unless they fill a certain market niche, technicians usually find it necessary to service a wide range of computers and office machines.

Tips for Entry

Join the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO) and other organizations to access networking resources, industry publications, and employment opportunities.

Read ACRBO's blog ( and The High-Tech News ( to learn more about the industry, improve your technical and repair knowledge, and get tips on how to use marketing strategies and social media to build your business.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings: