Cryptocurrency Specialists


Employment Prospects


Cryptocurrency specialists work for cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, etc.), investment banks, commercial banks, fintech companies, cryptocurrency startups, hedge funds, crypto asset management firms (such as Grayscale Investments), tech companies (such as Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook, IBM, Oracle, PayPal, Square, Tesla), and large, non-tech companies such as Geico, Uber, and Walmart. Some cryptocurrency specialists choose to work as college educators, while others start their own consulting firms.

Starting Out

Since cryptocurrencies are so new, many people do not have extensive experience in the field. As a result, many people enter the field after first working as software developers, programmers, computer security specialists, and in other tech careers outside the cryptocurrency sector. Some enter the field after obtaining experience in blockchain. Others break into the field directly after graduating from college with an IT degree.

Job leads can be obtained by networking, participating in internships and cooperative education experiences, using the services of tech recruiters (for higher-level positions), creating a profile on LinkedIn, and visiting the career pages of companies that employ cryptocurrency specialists.

Advancement Prospects

Since there are a variety of career paths within the “cryptocurrency specialist” designation, advancement paths vary by profession. An entry-level mining technician can advance to become a cryptocurrency miner and eventually a software developer or engineer. Developers and engineers can assume managerial responsibilities and even advance to executive-level positions. Experienced cryptocurrency specialists can start their own cryptocurrency mining and/or trading operations or provide advice on cryptocurrency mining, trading, marketing, or digital security to cryptocurrency exchanges, investment and commercial banks, fintech companies, crypto asset management firms, hedge funds, and other employers. Some choose to pass on their knowledge to younger generations by becoming educators at colleges and universities, online learning platforms, or other educational providers.

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:

  • https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/cryptocurrency-jobs-SRCH_KO0,14.htm
  • https://cryptocurrencyjobs.co
  • https://crypto.jobs
  • https://cryptocurrencyjobs.com

As a student, gain experience by volunteering or completing an internship at a software development firm.

Become active in your school’s computer club or local technology groups.

Create a profile on LinkedIn and join cryptocurrency-related groups such as Financial Analysts and Portfolio Managers/Stock and Cryptocurrency Markets to network and learn more about industry trends.