Cultural Advisers


Employment Prospects


Cultural advisers are employed on a contract- or project-basis by businesses, associations, and educational institutions. Large global companies are the most significant source of employment for cultural advisers as they seek to serve the global population. Small to medium-sized companies that do business in a particular region also employ cultural advisers. Companies in large cities offer the most opportunities for cultural advisers, especially those cities that border other countries and their economies.

Starting Out

Most cultural advisers do not begin this career right after college. Some real life experience is necessary to be qualified to fill the cultural adviser's role. Once that experience is obtained, you will be ready to try advising.

Advancement Prospects

Working with larger companies on more extensive projects is one way for a cultural adviser to advance. If an adviser decides to trade in the flexibility and freedom of the job, opportunities to become a salaried employee would most likely be available. Cultural advisers who work full time for organizations can advance to become managers and directors.

Tips for Entry

Learn about other cultures and languages by joining a foreign language club in your school.

Take foreign language, speech, business, and history classes in school.

Study abroad for a semester or two in the country that interests you most.