Cytogenetic Technologists


Employment Prospects


Many cytogenetic technologists work for medical laboratories. They are employed by private or public laboratories, laboratories in hospitals, and for research facilities. Some may work for federal and state government agencies. Approximately 331,700 clinical laboratory technologists, including cytogenetic technologists, are employed in the United States.

Starting Out

Some cytogenetic technologists get started in their careers through university or teaching hospital internships that lead to job offers. They also find out about job openings by attending career fairs and recruitment days at their schools. They can also learn more about career opportunities in cytogenetic technology through their school's career services office and through professional associations.

Advancement Prospects

Cytogenetic technologists with years of experience advance to become supervisors, responsible for overseeing the work of others. Those who work in larger laboratories and research facilities have more opportunities for management roles than those employed at smaller labs. Some leave the field to become educators or to open their own laboratories. A Ph.D. or M.D. is typically needed to direct a laboratory. Cytogenetic technologists can expand their employment options by getting advanced degrees. 

Tips for Entry

Take as many science classes as possible and be sure to get laboratory time using microscopes. Also join your school's science club.

Join a professional association to meet others in the field and gain access to industry-related publications and events. Some organizations offer student memberships, such as the Association of Genetic Technologists,

Ask your career services office for help with identifying and speaking with representatives of laboratories and research facilities that have internship programs and part-time job openings in the cytogenetics technology field.

Read articles about cytogenetics written by scientists from around the world for the publication Molecular Cytogenetics:

Visit and for job listings.