Dairy Products Manufacturing Workers


Employment Prospects


Dairy products manufacturing workers are employed by dairy processing plants. Some dairy products workers may be employed at dairy farms.

Starting Out

A good place to find information about job openings is at the personnel offices of local dairy processing plants. Other sources of information include online ads and the offices of your state's employment service. Those with associate's or bachelor's degrees in food technology, food science, or a related program can apply directly to dairy processing plants; many schools offering such programs provide job placement assistance. Dairy farmers often begin their careers by working on their own family farms.

Advancement Prospects

After gaining some experience, dairy products workers may advance to become shift supervisors or production supervisors. Advancement is usually limited to those with at least an associate's or bachelor's degree in a food technology, food science, or related course of study. Formal training in related fields is necessary in order to move up to such positions as laboratory technician, plant engineer, or plant manager.

Workers who wish to change industries may find that many of their skills can be transferred to other types of food processing. With further training and education, they may eventually become dairy plant inspectors or technicians employed by local or state health departments.

Tips for Entry

Look for summer jobs or part-time employment in the dairy products manufacturing industry.

Learn about job openings by using social media, such as Facebook, checking classified ads in local newspapers, and visiting Internet sites such as Craigslist for your area and Indeed.com.

Find dairy manufacturing companies in your area, call human resources departments in these companies, and inquire about job openings currently or in the future.