Employment Prospects


Federal agencies such as the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics employ a large number of demographers, as do local and state government agencies. Private industry also may use the services of demographers, as well as universities, colleges, and foundations. Some demographers work as independent consultants rather than full-time employees for any one organization. 

Starting Out

Qualified applicants can apply directly to private research firms or other companies that do population studies. University career services offices can help identify such organizations. Government jobs are listed with the Office of Personnel Management, Additionally, the Population Association of America provides job listings at its Web site,

Advancement Prospects

Demographers who narrow their focus and become specialized in an area of interest are most likely to advance. Those with the highest degree of education are also most likely to be promoted to managerial positions. Others become consultants or college professors. 

Tips for Entry

Try to get a summer job in high school doing statistical research with your local government or a company in your area.

Take classes in statistics, urban planning, and sociology in college to help you prepare for a career as a demographer.

As you approach college graduation, research demographer positions with government agencies and attend job fairs at your college.

Visit for job listings.