Directors of Fund-Raising


Employment Prospects


There are 81,200 fund-raising and public relations managers in the United States. Directors of fund-raising work for nonprofit organizations such as colleges, universities, and other educational institutions; religious organizations; hospitals; health research foundations; and social service organizations. Others work for political campaigns. 

Starting Out

Individuals who aspire to become directors of fund-raising often start out working in the fund-raising or development office as associates. Others have worked in publicity and become assistant directors of fund-raising.  

Advancement Prospects

Directors of fund-raising have a number of different paths to advance in their careers depending on their personal aspirations. Those who have been successful in bringing in a lot of money or grants to the organization often receive higher salaries. After obtaining experience, some directors move into similar positions at larger, more prestigious not-for-profit organizations. This leads to increased responsibilities and earnings.

There are some individuals who move up the ladder by becoming the director of public relations at a larger organization. Still others become the executive director of their organization. Others decide to start fund-raising consultancies.

Tips for Entry

Search for jobs at popular job sites such as http://www.simplyhired.com, http://www.indeed.com, http://www.linkedin.com, and http://www.monster.com. Once you get to the site, enter search terms such as "fund-raising director."

Network as much as you can in the industry in which you aspire to work. Attend conferences, conventions, and educational seminars and workshops to meet industry insiders.

Get certified. It will give you an edge over other applicants.

Join one or two nonprofit organizations and offer to assist with their fund-raising activities. You will gain experience and make contacts.