Dispensing Opticians


Employment Prospects


There are approximately 74,500 dispensing opticians employed in the United States. About 52 percent work in offices of optometrists and physicians, and 30 percent are employed in health and personal care stores, including optical goods stores. Many also work in retail shops or department store showrooms.

Starting Out

Since the usual ways of entering the field are either through completion of an apprenticeship program or two-year associate's degree, students can use the services of their school's career services office or they can apply directly to optical stores.

Advancement Prospects

Skilled dispensing opticians can expect to advance to supervisory or managerial positions in a retail optical store or become sales representatives for manufacturers of eyeglasses or lenses. Some open their own stores. A few opticians, with additional college training, become optometrists.

Tips for Entry

Visit http://www.nao.org/job-bank and https://localeyesite.com/jobs for job listings.

Join the National Academy of Opticianry and the Opticians Association of America to access education resources, networking opportunities, and publications.

Talk to dispensing opticians about their careers. Ask them for tips on breaking into the field.