Drone Manufacturing Workers


Employment Prospects


Companies that produce drones for uses in the military, for commercial purposes, and for hobbyists employ drone manufacturing workers. According to Business Insider, the top drone manufacturing companies are DJI, AeroVironment, Ambarella, Boeing, GoPro, Lockheed Martin, 3DR, Parrot SA, Yuneec, and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Starting Out

Many drone manufacturing workers start out as apprentices or as interns at manufacturing companies. Those that perform well receive job offers. They use their school's career services office for help with finding apprenticeship and employment opportunities. Other ways to find work include searching the career sections of drone manufacturing companies' Web sites and also through industry-related associations. Online employment sites such as Indeed, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, and Monster also post employment openings for various types of manufacturing jobs. Groups on LinkedIn may also be useful for finding job referrals and career-support resources.

Advancement Prospects

Drone manufacturing professionals with technical training, certification, and several years of successful work performance advance to senior-level positions. This may entail handling projects that require more advanced skills and knowledge. Those with several years of experience may be promoted to supervisor or management roles, in which they are responsible for overseeing the work of employees and making sure manufacturing machinery and processes are operational. Advancement may also mean going back to school for an advanced degree, getting certification in a specialized area, and teaching in technical schools and colleges and universities.

Tips for Entry

Conduct an information interview with a drone manufacturing worker to learn more about what's involved in this field. Ask your school's career services office for help with finding an interviewee.

Read publications such as Unmanned Systems (https://www.auvsi.org/magazines-library), and Rotor Drone Pro (https://www.rotordronepro.com), and Drones (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/drones) for the latest news on drone technology and innovations.

Attend drone conferences such as InterDrone (http://www.interdrone.com) to learn more from others in the field and gain insights into career opportunities in drone manufacturing.

Visit the Web sites of drone manufacturing companies to learn more about the types of products and services they provide, and to see job openings.