Enterprise Architects


Employment Prospects


Enterprise architects work for companies of all sizes, but especially for large businesses that have complex data and IT infrastructure needs. Examples of major companies that employ enterprise architects include Honeywell, Fifth Third Bank, EY, and Salesforce. Enterprise architects also are employed by government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Some operate their own consulting firms, while others work as college educators.

Starting Out

Many people break into the field after first working as systems administrators, solutions architects, network administrators or architects, database architects, or in other positions that involve some tasks that involve IT architecture. With experience, they can be promoted to enterprise architecture positions.

Job-seekers can learn about employment openings via job sites and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, by utilizing the services of a recruiter, by attending career fairs and networking events, and by visiting the Web sites of companies and other organizations that employ enterprise architects. Opportunities with the federal government can be found by visiting https://www.usajobs.gov.

Advancement Prospects

At a large organization, several enterprise architects will work as a team to develop short- and long-term strategic, organizational, and technology-based plans. In this setting, an architect can be promoted to the position of chief enterprise architect, who manages a team of architects and who works closely with the organization’s executives to develop and implement enterprise architecture solutions. Enterprise architects typically report to chief technology officers or chief information officers, so these positions are natural advancement paths for skilled and experienced architects. Enterprise architects can also start their own consulting firms. Others write books and articles about the field and/or become college professors.

Tips for Entry

Read the Journal of Enterprise Architecture (https://www.globalaea.org/page/JEA_Overview) to learn more about the field.

Visit https://careers.globalaea.org for job listings.

Get certified. It will give you the edge over other applicants.

As a student, gain leadership experience by serving as an officer of a school club.