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Visit the society's Web site for a career blog and information on ACS-approved environmental chemistry and general chemistry education programs, careers, earnings, professional journals, competitions and programs for high school students (including the Chemistry Olympiad, the ACS ChemClub, and a summer research program for economically disadvantaged students), and membership and scholarships for college students.

Division of Environmental Chemistry
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The following is a cross-disciplinary environmental association.

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For information on certification and the career brochure Soils Sustain Life, contact

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Contact SCA for information about programs for high school and college students.

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Learn more about environmental issues and find student employment opportunities by visiting

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The UCAR Center for Science Education offers a variety of programs for high school and college students interested in the atmospheric sciences and related fields. Visit its Web site for more information.

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For information about water quality, water treatment, and conferences and workshops, contact

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