Farm Equipment Mechanics


For AEM press releases, equipment sales statistics, agricultural reports, and other news of interest to farm mechanics, contact

6737 West Washington Street, Suite 2400
Milwaukee, WI 53214-5650
Tel: (414) 272-0943

At the FEMA Web site, you can learn about its publications, read industry news, and find out about upcoming farm shows.

1000 Executive Parkway, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63141-6369
Tel: (314) 878-2304
Fax: (314) 732-1480

For information on student chapters and programs, contact

6060 FFA Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0960
Tel: (888) 332-2668

For information on union membership, contact

29700 Woodford-Tehachapi Road
Keene, CA 93531-8007
Tel: (661) 823-6105