Fashion Coordinators


Employment Prospects


Fashion coordinators are employed by retail corporations, fashion companies, and apparel centers. The fashion capitals of New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles in the United States; Milan, Italy; and London, England, of course, will have plenty of employment opportunities, but those who want to enter this business should be ready to face fierce competition. The fashion industry is very tight-knit, and industry contacts are often the best source of jobs. Employment can be found in other areas of the United States, especially large metropolitan areas. 

Starting Out

The job of fashion coordinator is not an entry-level position. While being a fashion coordinator may sound like fun, it's a top-level position that is difficult to reach because many people starting out in the field want to be fashion coordinators. Frequently, however, they don't realize what training and dedication are needed for this job.

A common career path to take would be to begin as a stylist—a person who puts together a particular look for other people through choices in clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories. Some successful fashion coordinators have also climbed the corporate ladder working as assistants to coordinators, fashion directors, or fashion designers. Paying your dues in a lower level position is important, since many companies like to promote from within the department.

Advancement Prospects

The fashion coordinator position is considered a high rung in the fashion industry ladder. One advancement possibility for a fashion coordinator would be to move deeper into the marketing side of the fashion industry by working as a product developer or fashion forecaster. Product developers produce in-house lines of apparel and accessories. Fashion forecasters, using a variety of tools, such as surveys, current styles, and market research, try to predict future trends in fashion.

Another way to advance in this career is by transferring to a larger company or design firm, which usually means more responsibilities and a higher salary.

Tips for Entry

Professional associations often offer job listings at their Web sites. Visit the following Web sites for job listings:


Participate in internships or part-time jobs that are arranged by your college’s career services office.

Obtain hands-on experience at fashion shows to increase your chances of landing a job. Try to land a job as an assistant to a fashion coordinator.