Ground Services Workers


Employment Prospects


Approximately 8,920 aircraft cargo handling supervisors, 92,280 cargo and air freight agents, and 131,690 aircraft mechanics and service technicians are employed in the United States. Airlines, airports, and airport service contractors are the primary employers of ground services workers.

Starting Out

Employment as a ground services worker is an excellent way to break into the aviation industry. Contact airlines, airports, and airport service contractors directly for possible job leads. These positions are also often listed in the classified sections of newspapers.

Advancement Prospects

With hard work, dedication, and additional education or training, ground services workers can advance to a variety of managerial and supervisory positions. For example, air freight agents can advance to the position of supervisor of air freight handlers or ramp service planner. Food service workers can become chefs or food service managers. Cabin service workers can advance to positions as drivers, aircraft fuelers, and baggage and cargo handlers. A very experienced worker who earns a college degree in airport management, business administration, or engineering can become an assistant airport manager or airport manager.

Tips for Entry

Contact airlines and airports directly to learn more about job openings and the job application process.

Join a union to increase your chances of landing a job and receiving fair pay for your work.

Land an entry-level job at an airport to learn about potential career paths and make industry contacts.