Holistic Physicians


Employment Prospects


The major employers of holistic physicians are physicians who have large practices, group practices, or alternative health clinics. An increasing number of physicians become partners or salaried employees of group practices. Working with a medical group spreads out the cost of medical equipment and other business expenses. In response to public interest and use of alternative approaches, a number of hospitals are opening alternative health care centers.

Some holistic physicians practice privately or with a partner. More holistic physicians are currently practicing on the East Coast and the West Coast in areas where alternative health care is already more accepted. However, the demand for holistic physicians is growing in all areas of the country.

Starting Out

Upon successful completion of medical school, physicians may get their start through residencies in hospitals that may last two to six years. Holistic physicians usually start their careers by joining medical group practices. Some may start their own solo practices.

Advancement Prospects

Holistic physicians can advance by honing their expertise and increasing their patient base. Those who work in a group practice may leave to start their own practice. Others may advance by teaching residents and new doctors, and advancing to supervisory and managerial positions in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings.

Tips for Entry

As a high school student, talk to someone who practices as a holistic physician and find out whether you might be interested in this type of career.

Take a premed program in college, as well as courses in writing and public speaking.

Research or undergo alternative medical treatments, such as acupuncture, to gain understanding of alternative medicine.

Volunteer at a hospital or health care facility and become familiar with medical and health care procedures and patient interaction.

Visit https://aihm.org/page/networking for job listings.