Employment Prospects


Most homeopaths practice on their own or with a partner. Working with a partner makes practicing easier because the costs of running an office are shared. Other tasks, such as bookkeeping and record keeping can also be shared. Alternative health clinics and some other health care professionals may hire homeopaths. Hospitals and other health care agencies generally do not hire homeopaths, but they may as the alternative health care movement grows. 

It is easier to practice homeopathy in some areas of the United States, such as on the West Coast and in larger cities, but there are practicing homeopaths throughout the country.

Starting Out

Since homeopaths come from so many different backgrounds, ways to get started vary, too. Licensed professionals generally begin practicing the discipline in which they are licensed. Some build their homeopathic practice along with the other practice. Others just begin a homeopathic practice. Unlicensed homeopaths may work with licensed individuals. In these cases, the licensed professional is generally legally responsible for the work of the unlicensed homeopath. Some unlicensed individuals have been known to offer their services for free at the beginning, just to gain experience.

Homeopathy is a growing field, but it is still a relatively small community of professionals. Once you get to know others in the field, you may be able to find a mentor who will help you learn how to get started. Networking with others in the field can be an extremely valuable way to learn and grow.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement comes with building a solid reputation. Homeopaths whose practices grow may eventually need to look for partners in order to take care of more patients. Many homeopaths are active promoters of the discipline. They write articles for journals, magazines, or homeopathic Web sites, or present information on homeopathy in public forums, such as on radio and television.

Others pursue research into homeopathic treatments and present their findings to colleagues at conventions or publish their work in the homeopathic journals. A few may work with homeopathic pharmaceutical companies.

Tips for Entry

Explore homeopathic remedies and discuss them with your doctor.

Acquaint yourself with research studies of homeopathy, both pro and con.

Search online for a local homeopath and set up an information interview or an appointment for a physical.

Attend conferences on homeopathic medicine and go online to Web sites such as those maintained by the National Center for Homeopathy to read about homeopathic research.