Household Workers


Employment Prospects


Employers for household services can range from single apartment dwellers to homeowners with or without children to older persons looking for assistance or companionship. Some corporate apartment leasing companies may also hire household workers to clean and maintain their corporate housing units. Hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes also hire household workers for cleaning and repair duties. Most jobs are found in large cities and wealthy suburbs.

Starting Out

Most household workers find work through word-of-mouth. Friends or relatives may suggest homeowners who are looking for workers, while current and previous employers may often tell their friends about reliable household workers. Information about job opportunities is also available from local private employment agencies and state employment service offices.

Many self-employed household workers find jobs through online employment sites and newspaper ads. A good source for companies that arrange housecleaning services is also YP ( These companies will usually ask for previous experience and personal references. Direct contact with apartment complexes, hotels, and motels may also be a good way to get started in the household worker profession.

Training programs may offer job placement services to graduates of their programs.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement other than a wage increase is generally not available within households with only one or two workers. Top positions, such as butlers and housekeepers, usually require some specialized training. In addition, the turnover rate for these jobs is low, as is the number of households that can afford to offer such positions.

To advance, household workers can seek out new employers that pay more or require more skilled services. Workers may also move to similar jobs in hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, where the pay and fringe benefits are usually better and the work may be steadier.

Persons interested in further advancement may want to look into the certification programs available and seek employment with larger hotels, corporate housing, or other firms that hire household workers.

Tips for Entry

In high school, look for part-time work as a house cleaner or lawn care worker.

Find full-time employment by checking out online employment services or by word-of-mouth from friends or family.

To advance into a responsible, higher-paying position, obtain a college degree and then certification in a specific field.