Human Services Workers


For more information on careers in counseling, contact

6101 Stevenson Avenue, Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22304-3580
Tel: (800) 347-6647

For information on education and careers, contact

750 First Street, NE, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20002-8011
Tel: (202) 408-8600

For information on student memberships, scholarships, and master's degree programs in human services, visit

PO Box 54
Millstone, NJ 08510-0054
Tel: (800) 597-2306

For more information, contact

256 West 38th Street, Suite 705
New York, NY 10018-9807
Tel: (212) 228-0992

The following is a job search Web site for social services and social work positions.

For information on employment with government human service agencies, contact

200 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20201-0004
Tel: (877) 696-6775