Internet Content Curators


Employment Prospects


Many Internet content curators are self-employed. They make a living by charging subscription fees for access to their sites or e-mail newsletters, selling advertising at their Web sites, or selling books or other content at their sites. Others are employed by businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies that want to increase the number of visitors to their sites, sell more products or services to their customers, or simply develop a reputation for providing useful resources to site visitors. Some curators work for social media marketing or content curation firms that provide curation services to organizations.  

Starting Out

Many people break into this field after participating in an internship at a company that has a strong social media and Web presence, or at a social media marketing firm that offers curation services. Some people become curators after first working as librarians, editors, or writers.  

Advancement Prospects

A content curator who works for a company or another employer can eventually launch his or her own business. Others might move up at their current employers to become content curation managers. Some curators become well-known for their work, and use their popularity to help sell books they’ve written or other products and services they offer. Others choose to become information brokers, who compile information from online databases and services and prepare reports and presentations based on their research.

Tips for Entry

Take classes in library science, information management, search engine optimization, and HTML to increase your skills and improve your chances of landing an internship or an entry-level job as a content curator.

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