Internet Quality Assurance Specialists


Employment Prospects


Quality assurance specialists work for software developers, large corporations, government agencies, and firms specializing in quality assurance work. Some smaller companies may combine quality assurance duties with those of other positions such as site development or project management.

Job opportunities are available worldwide; however, major cities with a high concentration of Internet, technology, and software companies may provide the best opportunities.

Because more companies are doing business on the Web or expanding their operations into international markets using the Web, the number of positions in this field are growing at a faster rate than the average.

Starting Out

Internet quality assurance specialists can apply for employment directly to Internet and software companies. Generally, people start in lower level associate positions and work their way up through experience. Classified ads, employment agencies, and Internet job listings can also provide possible employment leads. Professional organizations may post job openings on their Web sites. Your college's career services office and alumni connections may also provide job leads. Networking with others in the computer industry or your community is also a good way to make the contacts that may lead to employment.

Advancement Prospects

Internet quality assurance specialists advance by gaining experience and performing well in their positions. Many move into supervisory or managerial slots that focus more on analysis and planning than actual testing. Other specialists may advance to careers in programming, Web site development, or project management. As is common in the high-tech fields, advancement may require additional training or an advanced degree.

Compared with other Internet-related positions, there are fewer advancement possibilities for those who want to stay in QA. This is why promotions usually include moving to a new department such as programming or project management.

Tips for Entry

Build your own Web site and troubleshoot any problems that may occur when publishing different features.

Join a school or community group that focuses on computers and technology. Other members may be interested in collaborating with you on projects, providing experience in teamwork and project management.

Volunteer for a nonprofit or religious organization that needs help with Internet outreach. Creating social media campaigns, Web sites, and more will familiarize you with using the Internet as a business tool.