JavaScript Developers


Employment Prospects


JavaScript developers are employed by JavaScript development firms and corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations that need the services of developers. Some developers launch their own consulting businesses. Others become high school or college computer science teachers, corporate technology trainers, or IT writers or bloggers.

Starting Out

There are many ways to get a job as a JavaScript developer. Many students land their first positions in the field via contacts they made with their professors or during their internships or other experiential learning experiences. Others get involved as student members of IT associations and volunteer at conferences or in the organization’s business office. Volunteering shows that you are committed to your field and organization, and association executives often try to help young members—especially those who volunteer—find job opportunities. Other job-search strategies include learning about openings via employment sites, online and in-person networking events, career fairs, and through the Web sites of companies and other organizations that employ developers.

Some people enter the field after first working as software testers. They typically earn certificates or complete other training in JavaScript development to prepare for entry-level software development positions.

Advancement Prospects

Some employers have established a clear advancement path for developers—from junior developer to intermediate developer to senior developer—with each position involving higher pay and more demanding job duties. Developers can also advance to become directors of product development or even chief technology officers. Others open their own consulting firms. Some developers choose to leave the day-to-day demands of software development to become high school teachers or college professors.

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:


Become active in your school computer club or local technology groups.

Create a profile on LinkedIn to attract potential employers and recruiters. Join groups such as JavaScript; Frontend Developers-HTML, CSS, JavaScript; and JavaScript Professional Group to network and keep up to date on industry developments.

Read ACM Career News at to get advice about the job search and learn about JavaScript development careers.