Litigation Support/eDiscovery Analysts


Employment Prospects


Litigation support/ediscovery analysts are employed by law firms, corporations that have dedicated legal departments, legal service providers, government agencies, and ediscovery software providers.  

Starting Out

Many people become litigation support/ediscovery analysts after first working as paralegals, legal assistants, or in other support positions. They pursue continuing education classes and webinars, earn certification credentials, and otherwise build their skills in order to meet demand for this type of worker at their company. Others learn about job openings at the Web sites of professional associations, via their career service office, by attending career fairs or networking events, or by using social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Some aspiring litigation support/ediscovery analysts break into the field by working as document coders, who review and code digital documents and other content so that is easily accessible during a case or project.

Advancement Prospects

With several years of experience, a person who works as a document coder can advance to the position of litigation support/ediscovery analyst. With additional training and experience, analysts can become litigation support/ediscovery managers, who oversee a team of lower-level workers, manage budgets, and work with the firm’s managing partners on litigation support/ediscovery issues. At a large law firm or legal support services company, litigation support directors manage the litigation support/ediscovery department and are responsible for the marketing of these services to potential clients. At smaller companies, litigation support/ediscovery managers handle marketing duties.     

Tips for Entry

As a student, gain experience by volunteering or completing an internship in a law firm.


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