Multimedia Sound Workers


Employment Prospects


Multimedia sound workers are employed by computer game companies and developers. Some sound professionals, especially composers and musicians, work on a freelance or project basis. Many positions in the computer and video game industry are located on the East and West Coasts and aspiring sound workers may have to relocate to these regions to find work in the industry. 

Sound workers have many opportunities for employment outside of the computer and video game industry. For example, sound designers with specialized training may work in the recording, music video, radio, and television industries. Composers can try to sell their work to music publishers, film and television production companies, recording companies, dance companies, musical theater producers, and advertising agencies. Musicians can work for religious organizations, orchestra, schools, clubs, restaurants, and cruise lines; at weddings; in opera and ballet productions; and on film, television, and radio.

Starting Out

Learn more about jobs in the industry by visiting game company Web sites and sites that advertise job openings, such as Game Jobs ( and Gamasutra ( Many people attend the annual Game Developers Conference to network and learn more about internship and job opportunities. Aspiring composers and musicians usually break into the industry by creating a demo recording of their work and submitting it along with a resume to game companies. They might also create a Web site that features samples of their work for potential employers to review.

Advancement Prospects

With experience, sound workers at software publishers can advance to the position of music or audio director and oversee the work of sound designers and other professionals. Others might start their own companies and provide services to game companies on a freelance basis. Advancement for composers and musicians often takes place on a highly personal level. As they become known for their artistic abilities, they may be asked to compose or perform music for more prestigious projects or companies. Some may become well-known composers and musicians in the film and television industries or in the fine arts.

Tips for Entry

Read Computer Graphics World ( and Game Developer ( to learn more about the field.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:

  • Animation World Network (
  • (
  • (
  • Gamasutra (
  • Dice (

Attend the Game Developers Conference ( to network and interview for jobs.

Join the Game Audio Network Guild and other professional associations to access training and networking resources, industry publications, and employment opportunities.