Mutual Fund Risk Managers


Employment Prospects


Opportunities are available throughout the United States, although the states with the most opportunities include Massachusetts, New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Risk managers work for mutual fund companies, broker/dealers, and accounting and consulting firms that provide risk management services to these organizations. Outside the investment management industry, risk managers are employed by corporations of all types, the U.S. military, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Starting Out

Participating in an internship or fellowship is an excellent way to obtain experience, build your professional network, and get your foot in the door at a company. The Vanguard Group, TD Ameritrade, TIAA, USAA Funds, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton Investments, and many other mutual fund companies offer such opportunities. Visit their Web sites for more information. Joining a professional association will provide access to job listings, networking opportunities (including annual conferences), and career resources. Other job-search strategies include applying for jobs directly at the Web sites of potential employers, networking online and at career fairs, working with counselors at your college’s career services office, and using the services of recruiters.

Advancement Prospects

After five years or so on the job, a skilled and experienced risk analyst can advance to the position of risk manager, and then to chief risk officer (after working as a risk manager for at least 10 years). Some chief risk officers advance to high-level managerial positions. Others become consultants or professors.    

Tips for Entry

Use the Career Tools section of the RIMS—The Risk Management Society’s Web site ( to learn more about resume writing, networking, career success, and other topics.


Visit the following Web sites for job listings:



Be willing to relocate. It may open more job opportunities.