Employment Prospects


Myotherapists are employed in a number of health care settings. They may work at a physician's clinic, especially one that treats patients with nerve damage or arthritic pain. Others choose to open up their own practice. Remember, though, that in addition to giving treatments, myotherapists are also responsible for all duties associated with running a business, such as handling tax concerns, organizing the office space and supplies, and hiring support staff. The reward is having the freedom to determine their own workdays and hours.

Myotherapists can also join an established clinic. Because of the growing interest and acceptance in myotherapy, many clinics have found it necessary to hire more therapists.

Another option is to combine myotherapy training with other disciplines, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, or massage therapy. These therapists can work for massage clinics, day spas, and alternative medicine practices.

Starting Out

It may be difficult for new myotherapists to immediately set up their own businesses. Consider applying to clinics or physician's group practices to see if they might be interested in offering myotherapy as part of their services. Your chances of finding opportunities are better at organizations that concentrate on alternative and integrative medicine. Working in an established clinic or practice will give you experience, help you build a clientele, and generate publicity for your services.

Advancement Prospects

Career advancement depends on how myotherapists choose to practice. If they opt to open a private practice, then the obvious advancements would be a larger office, a bigger client base, and perhaps having a staff of myotherapists working for them. Those who choose to join an existing practice advance by growing their client base, gaining seniority, or perhaps establishing their own pain clinic. Myotherapists who join a medical practice advance in the form of more responsibilities, a larger salary, or better benefits. Experienced myotherapists may go on to become instructors in myotherapy or massage therapy schools.

Tips for Entry

Talk to myotherapists about their careers. Ask them for some tips on breaking into the field. Visit to find myotherapists in your area.

Visit for job listings.

Become certified in order to show employers that you have met the highest standards established by your industry.