Non-Fungible Token Artists


Employment Prospects


NFT artists are self-employed and have complete control over what they create, how they market their work, and how they manage their time. Many artists supplement their artistic income by working in the service industry or in art-related or other creative positions such as art therapist, art professor, or video game designer.

Starting Out

Some artists begin selling their work while they are still in their teens, while others spend years developing their skills before they market their first music video, photograph, or multimedia work. An artist may decide to turn some of his or her existing works into NFTs or create new ones after hearing about the eye-popping earnings made by a small percentage of NFT artists. Most simply go about traditional art-making, while experimenting with creating and marketing NFTs.

Advancement Prospects

Aspiring NFT artists should realize that most people who create NFTs do not become millionaires—and many never earn more than a few hundred dollars from selling their work. But for NFT artists who attract the interest of collectors and investors, advancement comes in the form of increased earnings and acclaim by the art world and the public. This notoriety may also help increase the sales of their traditional non-NFT works.

Tips for Entry

Practice your art every day to develop your talents.

Become active in your school’s art or film clubs.

Learn as much as you can about NFTs and blockchain technology so that you have a good understanding of how NFTs are created and authenticated.