Nurse Managers


Employment Prospects


Nurse managers are employed by medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, community health programs, managed-care facilities, long-term care facilities, clinics, industry, private homes, schools, camps, and government agencies. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there were 406,100 medical and health service managers, including nurse managers, employed in 2019.

Starting Out

The position of nurse manager is not an entry-level position. Only experienced, well-trained nurses are trusted to manage other nurses as well as the health of patients. To begin your career path to nurse manager, you will first need to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses may apply for employment directly to hospitals, nursing homes, and companies and government agencies that hire nurses. Jobs can also be obtained through school career services offices, by signing up with employment agencies specializing in placement of nursing personnel, or through the state employment office. Other sources of jobs include nurses' associations, professional journals, and newspaper want ads.

Advancement Prospects

Nurse managers may advance by taking positions at larger facilities with higher budgets and more staff. They may also pursue advanced degrees in health care administration, which would allow them to manage nursing homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

Tips for Entry

Job shadow a registered nurse or a nurse manager to learn more about what a day on the job is like.

Volunteer your time at a hospital, nursing home, or rehab facility.

Join your school's Future Nurses club and seek an office position in the organization.