Photo Editors


Employment Prospects


Photo editors work for any organization that produces publications or online newsletters or has a Web site with many photos. This includes publishing houses, large corporations, Web site developers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. A large percentage of photo editors also work for stock photo agencies, either as staff photographers or as freelancers.

Starting Out

Photo editors often start out as assistant photo editors, photographers, or staff writers. They have to gain experience in their area of work, whether it is magazine publishing or Web site development, to be able to choose the right photos for their projects.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:,,, and

Advancement Prospects

Photo editors advance by taking on more supervisory responsibility for their department or by working on larger projects for high-end clients. These positions generally command more money and can lead to chief editorial jobs. Freelance editors advance by working for more clients and charging more money for their services.

Tips for Entry

Volunteer or get an internship at a publication to gain experience.

Read or surf the Internet to expose yourself to as many different photographic styles as possible. This will help you hone your eye, distinguish your own style and preferences, and also help you gain understanding of photography.

Compile a portfolio of your best work to show to employers.

Join the school newspaper or yearbook staff as a photo editor.